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Father, husband, Egyptian archaeologist, Bible scholar, artist, sports fan, author of Land of Rameses, and CROSSFITTER

"I am an archaeologist. Each summer I go to the Middle East on a dig. This was the first excavation I have participated in after doing Crossfit and what a clear difference! Doing archaeology is extremely tiring. Not only is the work of moving by hand tons of dirt (literally tons), small boulders, and other debris tiring, but working in the hot sun often with a hot breeze for 6-7 hours each day draining, but the work requires that we get up at 4 am so we can be done before it really gets hot! In every excavation I have returned to the hotel exhausted. But not this year. This year I found that while I did get tired, I recovered within a few minutes so that while I was still on the dig I was good for the entire time. I also found that when I returned to the hotel in the afternoon I was full of energy and was able to take 7 teenagers around shopping almost every day (for two weeks)! I credit this with the 6 months of Crossfit that I had done prior to going. I have seen a sizable loss of size (even though my weight hasn't dropped dramatically) in my waist and a dramatic increase in energy. Often when I finish the WOD at Crossfit (and I need to be pealed off of the floor), within an hour I am out mowing the yard or playing softball. There is nothing like Crossfit! And the community of Crossfitters here in Berrien Springs are so encouraging and friendly. I have really enjoyed it and plan to continue to enjoy it for a long time to come!"


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