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300 Club

This month we are introducing the 300 club for members that have reached their 300th WOD Hopper check in! Congratulations to April's Athletes! Thanks for being a part of the LRX family while you've been working so hard towards your goals! 300 Club Athletes are eligible to purchase exclusive gear.

Natalie Johnson:

Favorite Lift: Snatch

Favorite Post WOD Ritual: Stretch and eat: fruit snacks, Rice Krispy Treat, and a protein shake

Biggest Win: Having the opportunity to inspire other woman to be better versions of themselves.


Khonnah Weithers:

Favorite Cheat Meal: Pasta or Double-Fudge Chocolate brownie IceCream over warm brownies.

Favorite WOD: Helen or Karen

Goals for 2017:

Improve swimming skills for Sprint Triathlon. Get pull-ups for Helen. Rx most WODs.


Teddy Weithers

Favorite Games Athlete: Elisabeth Akinwale

Last Accomplished Goal: Snatch 150lbs

Next Goal to Accomplish: Strict Ring Muscle-up

Sports Played: Basketball, Swimming, Cycling, Martial Arts


Erin Schlaman

Favorite Zumba Song: Sa`bed Rebelde by Daddy Yankee

Favorite Donut: Boston Cream

Best Memory at CrossFit Berrien: "I got my first pull-up, it was a rush and my first goal I had set for myself and accomplished. I proved to myself I could accomplish whatever I set me mind to."


Justin Bates

Favorite Movement: Front Squats

Workout Buddy: Sean or Brothers

Favorite WOD: Anything long and miserable preferably in the sun

Toughest WOD: 15.5 or 17.1


Sabeulah Bates

Deadlift PR: 240

What does CFB Mean to You: Working out with younger friends who motivate me to get faster & stronger. Keeps me young!

Goals for 2017: Toes to Bar, Higher Deadlift

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