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Male Athlete of the Month: Tony Allison

Athlete of the month is awarded to someone that reflects the spirit of CFB. This athlete comes day in and day out to better themselves and their community. These athletes are the glue that holds this amazing tribe together!

"For someone who travels as much as Tony, his dedication to the box should be an inspiration for everyone, no excuses!" -Coach Joel D.

"Tony's positivity and drive are so inspiring! He always brings his A-game to any class he's a part of, encourages those around him, and pushes himself to walk out better than he walked in."

-Coach Lauren

"Tony is the bomb! He's crazy strong, hardworking, and humble as can be. Add his mega-watt smile and our box would never be the same without him!"

- Coach Joyce

"Tony is a fantastic example of dedication. He's always ready to take on any workout and lay it all out there as well as encouraging everyone in the room. At 6am Tony's positive and

encouraging attitude is contagious and can set anyone's mood for the day, myself included." -Coach Sean

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