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Female Athlete of the Month: Maureen Hamblin

Athlete of the month is awarded to someone that reflects the spirit of CFB. This athlete comes day in and day out to better themselves and their community.

"Maureen's dedication and enthusiasm at the box is contagious. Every time I coach her, she

inspires me. She's one of my favorite athletes because without saying a word, she makes

those around her work harder. She's actively raising the standard of effort in every class she


- Coach Rachel

"I am Inspired daily by Maureen's determination in the gym; never one to just "show up," but always pushing to be the best version of herself."

- Coach Lauren

"Maureen is love and grit and grace all rolled into one phenomenal athlete. She empties the

tank every workout, is eager to learn, and never ever complains. Everyone loves this girl!"

- Coach Joyce

"Maureen's enthusiasm is through the roof! Her ability to encourage and maintain a smile

through the toughest of workouts is a testament to her amazing character. Keep up the great

work Maureen!" - Coach Seth

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