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8 Reasons Why You Should Do the LRX Open Intramural

1. Yes, You Are Good Enough.

The Open is about calling on the best in yourself no matter your current level. Most likely you are physically stronger than your mind lets you believe. PLUS! There are so many divisions, including a scaled one. So everyone can participate!

2. It Gets You Competing Again.

Many of us competed as kids whether on an organized team or just racing siblings to the car. Some of you may have competed in college. When we become adults, we often feel like we need to retire that side of us. Sure, we compete for jobs and accounts and other “grown up” things, but more often than not, we have forgotten the thrill of physical competition. We may not be a win-at-all cost type - and this certainly is not the only kind of competitor - but there is something about putting yourself on the line that sparks inspiration. Get in the game. It’s worth it.

3. It Gives You an Appreciation for the Best of the Best.

During the Open workouts, you get a rare opportunity to do the same exact workouts during the same week as the best CrossFitters in the world. If you are a fan of the top CrossFit athletes, it’s exciting to match your stats to theirs.

4. It’s Fun.

No, really, it is. At our gym, we dedicate every Thursday night and Sunday afternoon to the Open workouts for all members. We assign heats, we print score sheets, we assign judges - we make it a big deal. But we also keep it fun. We yell for each other and we dance between heats. It immediately bonds us because it feels like we’re going to battle together in a light hearted way. We’re all nervous, but it roots us deeper into our community.

5. Connect with the Worldwide CrossFit Community

Undoubtedly, we have a great community at our box, which is why it’s fun and productive to train here. The CrossFit Open gives you the opportunity to expand that community internationally. Instead of your small group of fellow Crossfitters that go through the shared suffering of each workout, you will now be working out with the world! There are hundreds of thousands of other Crossfitters experiencing the same hardships, triumphs, and sense of achievement that you will.

6. Break through mental and physical barriers.

Can't do double unders? Never touched your toes to a bar before? Get ready to astound yourself. The Open has a way of drawing us out of our self-imposed shells and showing us what we're truly capable of. Plus, there's no cherry picking during the LRX Intramural. Those movements we may subconsciously--or not so subconsciously--avoid won't be denied, and being forced to face them head on can open new doors for our fitness.

7. It just might inspire you--or you might inspire others.

No matter which end of the fitness spectrum you currently find yourself on, I guarantee that if you show up and pour your all into the week's WOD, people will notice. You may find yourself with your very own cheering section. The LRX Intramural is further proof that we WANT each other to succeed, and that success is measured on a scale completely unique to each of us.

There is still time to register HERE

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