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Heather repping out T2B... No big deal!


You can not. I repeat can not out work a bad diet. Everything you consume is either fighting your goals or feeding your goals.


Babes and Barbells!


Zuma for a cause! This year we had a Zumba party to raise money for breast cancer awareness. We were able to raise money for local patients in need. It was a blast!


If you haven't tested your 5K row. You need to do so right away.... If I can do it, you can definitely get it done!


It was awesome to have Mr. Gump bless us with his presence on 10/31/17. Always a pleasure!


I’ve been working hard this year to become a better version of myself. When I first got started, man it was a real struggle just to wake up at 6 every morning to make it to the 7am WOD. But the struggle has been totally worth it. It’s been 8 months and I’ve dropped 85lbs! Every day I’m closer to my fitness goal. I want to thank everyone that has kept me going and motivated me to be consistent. I appreciate all of you!


We are super proud of Monica who has lost 12 pounds since starting in September 2017! Keep going Monica. You are a star.

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