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What an incredible 2019! I’m just in complete shock! I was at my highest weight EVER, and I knew I had to start focusing on taking care of my physical health. So I started my journey with starting to supplement my body with the nutrients needed, and go regularly to Zumba. Then a few months later, Erin convinced me to come and join CrossFit and do The Murph Challenge on Memorial Day.

After that day, I start doing CrossFit and Zumba faithfully, aside from a few athletic injuries with my ankle and achilles, but I was not seeing a lot of results. Then I started adding a low carb diet, and finally lost some more weight. wasn’t until this past month successfully completing the CrossFit 100K row challenge that I finally started seeing results! Since the row challenge, I saw my body changing. My legs were toning so quickly. On top of that, my knee that I had two surgeries on and could never get the painful swelling down even with vitamins and diet to support reducing inflammation, was no longer painful or swollen.

I’m embarrassed to show these before and after pictures, but this was just 26 days (December 5-31) and check out these results!!

I’ve lost a grand total of 20 pounds in 2019, made a lot of AMAZING friendships,  and have grown so much! Most of that was due to my amazing CrossFit family who supported me in my difficult times and celebrated my personal victories! I’m super excited to see what this new year will bring in my journey to physical health!


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